Friday, April 10, 2009

The Howdeshell Honeymoon!

Sunset over Firenze

Traffic of Venice

The Golden Bridge in Florence

Us newlyweds at Michelangelo's Plaza overlooking Florence

My husband and I just made it back from our honeymoon in Italy last night. We've heard that there were some people who were worried about us and the earthquakes. Fortunately, we were well clear of them, and hadn't even heard of the earthquakes until my mom had contacted us worried to death. So, thank you for your well wishes. We had an amazing and safe time in a beautiful land. However, we returned to our new home looking like the rubble of an earthquake. It's a lot of work moving and getting married in the same week.

This whole getting married thing has been a roller coaster ride of anticipation up hill for the past 5 months, and the wedding and the honeymoon has been the fast and steep hill down. It was so fun! I really can't describe how amazing our wedding day was, or how lucky we've felt having such a beautiful day and a beautiful trip to start our marriage. No freak snow storm could ruin our day.