Tuesday, August 14, 2007

School is so close, I smell it already.

I'm here right now in St. Louis visiting Kevin's family and peeps. L.A.'s got nothin on this heat. It's been over 100 for the past week, and that's not even including the humidity which brings it up to a nice, healthy 107 or so. The two of us are driving back to K.C. tomorrow. The dorms are calling us. Then school starts on the 27th. I'm looking forward to the new begining: reorganizing my room, starting a new animation, my printmaking elective, seeing good friends again, getting back into my capoeira routine--which we have a 45 minute show in the ethnic festival in Loose Park this upcoming Sunday. This will be my first show since I had to cut back capoeira for L.A. I've missed it so much! So at this performance, we'll have Afro-Brazilian dancing, maculele (a fight dance with machettes or sticks, it's a crowd favorite), Brazilian music, and capoeira.
We'll here are some more sketches from the zoo.