Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Wendy's Results are In!

This past May, I was truly blessed to participate in the "My Wendy's, My Way" art contest. The commission was to portray the spirit of my city, Kansas City, involving the little cutie in red braids. Wendy's went on a "Taste Tour" in 23 cities all over the country in which an artist from the city was commissioned to art. Then the first prize winner of all the entries would receive a $25,000 grand prize! This was an opportunity that I couldn't pass up even though I was busy at the time with finishing my senior thesis film and trying to graduate.

My entry portrays Kansas City as a city that is growing and is being beautified by the individuals that are spreading their hope for our city. More specifically, the tulips in the composition are a symbol of dreams, work, and growth inspired by the Tulips on Troost project started by Durwin Rice. This project has set a goal of planting one-million tulips along the historic street of Troost in order to rebrand the street as one that is cared for and beautiful--The Tulip Street. The children that are growing up on Troost now will hopefully remember their neighborhood for the Tulips and not for its rougher moments. To learn more about this project, visit

This past week, I was invited to fly to Dublin, Ohio, the hometown of Wendy's, as one of the 3 finalists! This was such an honor and the finally of a long waiting period. When the results were heard, I came in third. I'm very pleased and feel privileged to have been selected in such a high standing. I've had a lot of support and interest from my friends here who always root for me, so thank you all.

My painting will remain on exhibit in the Wendy's headquarters in Dublin.