Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In Need of a Band for this Poster

A couple of months ago, Kevin was inspired and drew this fabulous poster design. This week, I wiped the dust off of it and worked on its digit coloring. I'm excited about the psychedelic look. It makes me happy, and its another collaboration piece that Kevin and I can add to our pile.

I took the approach of layering texture after texture over flat areas of color like his hair. I also wanted to keep the beautiful sketch quality of line work that Kevin left me. The result still is a finished drawing, but the lines still have some livelihood, where Kevin sometimes battles strenuously and meticulously shaping and retracing each line. Then after all the attention that he'd put into the drawing, the lines would be suffocated, much like a helicopter mom and her child. When I started the coloring process, some guide lines where still there in the guitar and tie. The bird had three beaks. The pegs where just sketches. They were so beautiful, the coloring had to compliment that looseness.

So if your band is in need of a poster, and you have a front man who has a long brown beard, this poster might have been destined to have your name on it.