Monday, February 18, 2008

New Poster

Well, it's not really new, as you can tell by the dates. This was a poster for the animation end of semester show. I just wanted to make a poster that people would want to steal. I printed this using the Vandercook press in printmaking. Not enough people use that thing. If it weren't 700lbs, I'd walk away with it. Although, I'd also have to steal all the type drawers weighing propably another 1000lbs. aww, shoot.


I made this book in my printmaking elective last semester. All the pages were printed from woodblocks. The text was added by xerox transfer--a real pain in the butt process. It's real pretty though.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Living Room Set for "A Very Hairy Christmas" and a son for Ireland and Phyllis.

Love it! We finally finished our build with the living room and another puppet, Milton, the adorable son. It paid off to work over winter break, and our class presentation of our progress went very well, and I was so proud that Kevin and I had finished. We are finishing up the lighting for the first shot now. Lighting is something that we do not have any experience with and it is kicking our butts, but we should be animating in a day.