Monday, March 10, 2008

American Royal Barbecue contest Poster

So, for the past three years, the American Royal Barbecue Contest Poster Contest (can that get more convoluted?) has given me a fantastic excuse to illustrate a poster in the hopes that I'd win a $500 scholarship. This is my final entry, considering that I am a senior, and I think that it was my most successful. Yet, with each entry, I fall short of the glorious cash, and all I’m left with is a sweet portfolio piece. So, I’m adding this poster to my pile of contest losers, joining my Harrah’s illustration and the BBQ poster from last year.

Oh, my favorite detail is the chef in paril being grasped by the giant cow. He's so cute!

Good news though, about a month ago, I found out that my jr. film, “Alejandro”, was accepted in the Philadelphia Film Festival. I can’t seem to upload animations to this page, but if you’re interested, search my name on to view the full animation.