Monday, March 23, 2009

Last Week before the Wedding!

These are our save-the-dates made like the Victorian Era toy called the Thaumatrope, an early form of animation entertainment. Our silhouettes were on each side and when the strings are twisted, it looks like we're kissing and the rings interlock. You have to make the kissing sounds yourself.

Front of printed invitation with oval cutout

Inside of invitation with RSVP card and invitation information

Table full of cards to be printed

4 more days before I'm a Howdeshell! Kevin's working on the programs right now. Of course, he's working hard on making even the program special. I admire him, but I refuse to do anymore screen printing before the wedding. This is an image of the invitations in progress, and our final mailed product, inside and out. We used a small screen printing machine called a Gocco. For the invites we printed twice on each card, once for each color.

And to crazy up our lives more, Kevin and I are working on a project for the African American Museum in Philadelphia. These are the first clients that Kevin and I have brought into Threehouse. This time we're not mooching off of Jeremy. is also coming soon. This whole studio thing is happening. 2009 is a huge year already: marriage, Italy for the honeymoon,, and South Africa for Jesus. Promise, we won't be the same for 2010.

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