Monday, June 22, 2009


Dandy Lions is up for sale today!!! Thanks to everyone who voted.

Click here to see other people wearing my design --the onesie's my fav! I think I'll get one for myself.

And my interview tells about my design's inspiration, my life, my loves, my dreams, my hopes


Nate Lewis said...

Cool Kristen! It must be fun seeing your design worn by complete stangers :) Congrats!

Buster said...

Awesome job, Kristen! You got it going on apparently!

yeahdog31 said...

I love this design! What are the chances I could use an excerpt from it on a gig poster (with credit, of course!)?

Kat said...

Hey! I just got this tee-shirt! Its really awesome!! Excellent design! I'm proud to wear it! :D