Wednesday, July 22, 2009


It's been awhile since I have taken a book binding class with Mr. Carl Kurtz, book binding prodigious perfectionist, but I had the itch. As a part of Art for Africa fundraising, I found a few vintage children's textbooks on ebay, gutted them and added sketchbook paper inside. Each book's pages were hand sewn together making the "signatures" of the book. I sliced the uneven edges with a guillotine paper cutter, making them perfectly trimmed.

These are images from just two of the books that were rebound and converted into sketchbooks.

-A beautiful owner's name tag

-the spine paper I chose to attach the new sketchbook paper to the original cover

-another beautiful name tag on the inside cover, original to the book

-"Anne of the Island" by LM Montegomery cover

-just showing off the precision job well done on the spine. I should have been a surgeon. The sketchbooks open flat and are easy to draw or write in. This is so important for a sketcher.

-I glued the original title page and illustration back into the new pages as a fold out.

-"Emily Climbs" by LM Montegomery cover

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