Thursday, March 11, 2010

Amanda's Last Week in Haiti

For over a month, my great friend Amanda Kane has been in Port a Prince, Haiti working as a nurse in a children's clinic/tent.

I am just so proud of her, I wanted to boast about the work the Lord is doing through her. Please visit her blog at:

Here, she has wonderful stories of the children in her care along with stories of their families. My favorite is "Happy Kids and Happy Me!" "Spicy Peanut Butter" gives a good description of what her days look like. "Children's Precious Prayers" tells of how the recovering kids are praying for each other and their individual updates.

Amanda's stories help let us far from all the chaos know how people are living and their needs. For instance, most families are living in sheet tents and rainy season has already hit the area hard--"Rain Rain Go Away"

Amanda recalls stories of parents desperately bringing their children to the clinic because they are unable to provide for the little ones. Happily after just a short time, these same parents learn about our Heavenly Father's provision, and the once desperate mothers are asking for their children to come home once they've recovered. The volunteers were able to send this family home with tarps, ropes, and duct tape; supplies that will help make a more comfortable temporary home.

Not only are the children receiving physical therapy and treatment for their broken bones and amputations and all sorts of other conditions, they are learning about Jesus and how he wants to make them into new creations and to give them his heart.

I hope that these stories give you hope and pride for Haiti like they have for me.


Amanda Kane said...

Kristen! You really made my night. Reading this was like the proccessing I was wishing I had with someone on this particular night. It is hard to spend my last week here without someone to share it with, the ups and downs of what it means to leave.

And again and again I say, your prayers have been so precious and dear to me! Everytime I walk away as if you and I had just sat down to d-group and had a sweet time with Jesus together. You really are here with me in this way!

I love you soo much and I am excited to know you will be one of the first faces I see once I am at home again!

Kristen Phillips said...

She's back now!