Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Best Kid's Design of 2009!

Just got the word that "Dandy Lions" was voted Best Kid's Design of 2009 from the Threadless.com community!

This, I must say, is a very prestigious honor! So many designs are submitted and voted on every year at Threadless and just getting printed was HUGE, but then to be a Bestee, aww shucks, THAT'S AWESOME!!!

Kevin did the math and calculated that about 520 new shirts get printed every year. The community voted and chose "Dandy Lions" as their favorite kid's tee out of so many great designs.

So thank you to those that have voted for my designs and those of you who have requested a reprint. Thank you to those who have bought a shirt for yourself! You all have been so good to me.

"Dandy Lions" has been reprinted and is for sale again in all sizes at: http://www.threadless.com/product/1891/Dandy_Lions

Also, check out the little babies and adults that sport my duds at: http://www.threadless.com/gallery/1891/Dandy_Lions

There are also two display art pieces that feature the lions. These are available at: http://www.threadless.com/retail_art

Panel 319

Panel 418--sold out

Man! The Lord has truly blessed this design. I originally designed and printed "Dandy Lions" on tote bags to raise money for our mission trip to Africa. It's done that, no doubt! Thank you Jesus!

"Courage has many faces but comes from one stem."


PhotogeniqueGirl said...

hey! found you on here through threadless actually :) cool to find out that you originally did it for God's work :) i think that's awesome. nice to meet you

Shelley said...

Hi Kristen! I found the Dandy Lions design on Twitter and am in love with it! I have my own home staging and redesign business and would love to know if there are any plans to make the design into pillows or wall art. Thank you for using the gifts our Father's given you! Blessings to you :)