Thursday, March 18, 2010

Storm Cellar Creative

Kevin and I had the pleasure to create these designs for our friend out in the big whirlwind of chaos that is Los Angeles.
He has a production company that, as their name implies, would prefer to stay underground and safe from the destruction happening above.

We, being very familiar with the wide open spaces of Kansas were perfect candidates to put together the look for Storm Cellar. We created a grungy and worn look with earthen tones and allusions to wide open spaces. The heavy cellar door closes and locks one away hidden inside.

We wish you the best, Rob.


Samantha Lewis said...

Nice. Real nice.

saunders said...

Thank you Kristen! You guys were amazing!

And we get so many compliments on the cards...they are just so unique from what you typically see in a business card.

much love to ya!